Nowhere collective
Nowhere collective, active since 1/1/18

Overgangszone, Maastricht-NL, actively participating from 1/2/17

Museumnight 2018, Maastricht-NL, group exhibition-part of Overgangszone at the Museum of Natural History in Maastricht, 12/4/18
Overgangszone, Maastricht-NL, site specific group exhibition-part of Overgangszone in Maastricht, 1/9/17-3/9/17
Reviewing Authorship, Brussels-BE, graduation exhibition at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels, 22/6/17-26/6/17
Transplant, Tilburg-NL, group exhibition-part of the Apprentice/Master programme at Kunstpodium-T in Tilburg, 3/2/17-17/2/17
Primetime, Maastricht-NL, solo exhibition at Peace Stone Studios Show Room in Maastricht, 10/2/17-12/2/17
The Apartment Series #2: a love affair, Zürich-CH, group exhibition, 10/2/17-12/2/17
U U & ME, Amsterdam-NL, group exhibition at W139 in Amsterdam, 10/6/16-26/6/16
Kunsttour 2016, Maastricht-NL, group exhibition at Big Boys in Maastricht, 20/5/16-22/5/16
Sturm der Liebe, Brussels-BE, group exhibition hosted by Etablissement d'en face in Brussels, 11/2/16-12/2/16
Eyes Adjusting to Light, Maastricht-NL, graduation exhibition at the Victor de Stuers in Maastricht, 2/7/15-6/7/15
We Will Be Captains, Maastricht-NL, group exhibition at the Van Eyck Academy Maastricht, 29/4/15
Minced, Limerick-IR, group exhibition-part of the Apprentice/Master programme, 6/11/14-23/11/14
Roll–On–Roll–Off–Schiff, Maastricht-NL, group exhibition-part of the CoLabs initiative at HEDAH in Maastricht, 13/6/14-16/6/14
Solo exhibition, Maastricht-NL, 21/5/14-23/5/14
This is where we should start feeling at home, Maastricht-NL, group exhibition, 6/4/14-8/4/14