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  • A film that, by means of repetition (4.33 minutes, loop), tries to uncover the poetry
    and the ambiguity of banal conversations one can have while driving late at night,
    towards something that is always ahead. The footage of being on the road is interrupted
    by a one-minute stop at a gas station, where an anonymous figure stares at the cars
    passing on the freeway. For a short period of time we climb out of the stream of the
    freeway and we overlook something that we were part of moments before and will be again soon.
    It is at the gas station where the role of the camera is being questioned as well: is the
    woman figure we are looking at the protagonist of the film–who is having a hypnotic monologue
    with herself while driving–or are we seeing the antagonist seen through the eyes of the protagonist?
    And if so, what would make that of the viewer?

    in collaboration with Eline Kersten, starring Nora Ramakers | stills, HD film (4.33 min.), loop | measurements variable - 2016