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  • The measurements of a room in a rundown building were taken in order to produce
    twelve wooden beams to form a rib structure; four beams to represent the room’s
    height, another four for its width and the last four to represent its length.
    These beams were–performatively–carried through the stairways leading up to the
    top-floor, where the room was located. After the exhibition, the beams were carried
    back to the studio on the other side of town. The displacement of the room belonging
    to a-soon-to-be demolished structure was to gain insight in maneuvering measurements
    within measurements, establishing a (if you will) meta-existence.

    wooden beams representing the total dimensions of a room of a soon to be demolished house | 483 x 220 x 376 cm | installation and film (14.09 min) – 2014